JUNE 2011

Hello everyone.  Been a while since my last post and since there is news to report I figured I’d better write about it.

The really big news is our daughter Megan (our oldest daughter) gave birth to a baby boy on April 20, 2011, making us officially grandparents.  She called at 04:30 that morning saying her water had broken and she and her husband Jeff, were headed to the hospital.  Kathy and I got around and drove the 250 miles to Denver, CO, making it in time her to start pushing and deliver the baby.  Mom and baby came through the ordeal in flying colors.  What an experience when your own children start having babies of their own, it really illustrates how the circle of life continues to evolve and expand.  And how no matter how hard we try to slow down the aging process, we all continue to get older.  But, we are truly blessed with this new addition to our family.  Thank you God!

As I stated earlier I was laid off from my job at the power plant on 1/14/2011 after 33 years of employment there.  Since then I have submitted numerous job applications at a variety of businesses and government facilities, all with the same results, no one is hiring.  Being a paraplegic makes it doubly difficult when attempting to procure a position with anyone.  Employers don’t want a disabled individual as an employee because they have to accommodate us with facilities that allow us to take care of our personal needs, such as going to the bathroom.  The law says employers have to look at our applications and give us the same opportunities for employment as regular  individuals, but that is all.  In reality they aren’t going to hire us when they can hire an able-bodied person, with no disability or special needs, to fill their positions.  Who can blame them?  I wish the reality of the situation were different, but I am a realist and understand life isn’t fair.  I just have to deal with it and try the best I can, and continue moving forward each day.  

I have not seen any further developments from my previous stem cell treatments.  I still have a lot of deep-muscle nerve sensations firing off in my lower body, but there have been no motor functions develop from these sensations.  The pressure ulcer that developed on my left heel in November 2010 finally healed over in the first part of April 2011.  It took over 4 1/2 months for it to heal.  I haven’t started walking with my leg braces yet as the skin and scar tissue are extremely delicate and I am afraid to cause it to reopen again.  My braces were the cause of the initial skin breakdown.  So, no physical therapy.  I have continued to go to the gym and left weights, but this isn’t doing any thing to help possibly re-establish any neuro-pathway connections.  I feel without the repetitive motions established in therapy and constantly working at improving my walking gait through walking with leg braces, there is little hope in re-establishing neuro-pathways that were destroyed in my accident.  But, we have to have hope.  With that in mind, hopefully I can begin again my therapy and see where it leads. 

As far as travelling to India for further stem cell treatments, I feel we will have to wait for new developments from the ongoing stem cell research being conducted around the world.  Until researchers can learn how to program stem cells into becoming specific types of cells, specifically the nerve cells my body needs, I don’t think there is much hope of regaining lost function by arbitrarily injecting stem cells into my body and hoping they transform into the nerve cells that can help me.  I pray for all of us who need this type of help to give us a shot at renewing our lives and help us move forward into the future. 

As I have stated several times over the past 3 1/2 years, we started this journey with the hope and conviction that we might experience some positive results from undergoing stem cell treatments in India.  The reality of the situation is that we did see some results in the awaking of some deep muscle/nerve sensations.  Unfortunately, none of those sensations have developed into motor function.  That’s not to say that someday there might not be a miraculous change and suddenly I “feel” my lower body, and some muscles begin to function with the impulses from my brain.  We just have to continue to have hope and see what happens.

So, I will continue to update this blog periodically with the happenings in my life.  I truly appreciate the support our family, friends, and complete strangers have shown us during this time.  Thank you for all you have done and given to allow us to experience this amazing journey.  Take care and God bless.  Peace be with you.


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One Response to JUNE 2011

  1. Bill Bradford says:

    G-Ma and G-Pa, can’t get any better than that. I know the feeling and it will just get better and better. I have been looking for your last letter here, we have been out of town an awful lot, but should be home for a while.
    Keep us in your thoughts, you are in ours.

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